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Small group math is designed for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) who have specific goals in the area of math. Each lesson is uniquely designed to meet the individual learner’s needs in math. The course begins with a pre-assessment to determine areas of strength and need in math. Once these assessments have been completed and reviewed, the curriculum is tailored to the specific student. Students will be assessed frequently to determine areas of growth. Students will have access to a variety of different types of math curriculum including computer-based programs, Glencoe Math, functional math and basic math facts in accordance with grade-level math content standards. The RSP teacher will communicate with students and parents frequently to share student progress. 

6th Grade Teachers 

Math/Science: Ms. Skellie hskellie@newlosangeles.org                      Math/Science: Mr. Scutari     pscutari@newlosangeles.org                    Humanities: Ms. House/Mr. Brook mhouse@newlosangeles.org/ dbrook@newlosangeles.org                       Humanities: Ms. Edwardsen                   cedwardsen@newlosangeles.org 
7th Grade Teachers 

Math: Mr. Akinola   aakinola@newlosangeles.org                     Science: Ms.Escalante sescalante@newlosangeles.org        Humanities: Ms.Slater rslater@newlosangeles.org               Humanities: Mr. Tarbell                 atarbell@newlosangeles.org 

8th Grade Teachers 
Math: Mr. Lockhart   tlockhart@newlosangeles.org                   Science: Ms. Murphy   pmurphy@newlosangeles.org                Humanities: Ms.Mayorga gmaygora@newlosangeles.org                   Humanities: Mr. Thalkar               dthalkar@newlosangeles.org