Course Syllabus

Brooke Goldberg



Course Title: Small Group Math

Description of Course

Small group math is designed for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) who have specific goals in the area of math. Each lesson is uniquely designed to meet the individual learner’s needs in math. The course begins with a pre-assessment to determine areas of strength and need in math. Once these assessments have been completed and reviewed, the curriculum is tailored to the specific student. Students will be assessed frequently to determine areas of growth. Students will have access to a variety of different types of math curriculum including computer-based programs, Glencoe Math, functional math and basic math facts in accordance with grade-level math content standards. The RSP teacher will communicate with students and parents frequently to share student progress.


New LA Assessment Policy

Homework: Homework is assigned on most nights and is graded for accuracy and completion. 

Extra credit: Students may earn extra credit by doing exceptionally well on projects as determined by the assignment rubric.  No extra credit is given on assignments turned in late. Special extra credit assignments are not available. Students will earn their grades based on the regular course work.

Late Work Policy: Late homework will not be accepted (unless due to an excused absence.) Homework is assigned nightly and is used in class the next day to monitor understanding and prepare for quizzes and exams. Projects will be accepted late, but with a 5% penalty for each day late for up to one week.

Make-up Work: Students are responsible for making up any work missed due to absence. Students have one school day for each day absent to turn in all makeup work (unless arrangements are made with the instructor ahead of time).

Participation and Behavior Expectations

1. Respect for Self and Others:

•          Respect your and others right to learn

•          Come to class prepared with materials and completed homework and/or assignments

•          Take responsibility for your own actions

•          Be responsible to your group during collaborative work

•          Apply the "Thumper Rule": If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

•          Enter the classroom quietly and in control of your body

2. Engagement in the Community:

•          Be an active listener (eyes and ears on the speaker)

•          Respond to others ideas and opinions

•          100% Participation 100% of the time

•          Be a willing participant in our learning community

•          Come to school in uniform and complying to all dress code specifications

3. Passion for Learning

•          Give your best effort on all of your work

•          Ask questions

•          Express your ideas and opinions in a positive way

•          Take risks in your learning! (If it feels uncomfortable, you are about to learn something new!)

4. Housekeeping and other procedures

•          Students may only use the restroom after the first ten minutes of class except after nutrition or lunch;

•          Students should only use the restroom during independent or group work time;

•          Students are NOT to use the restroom during direct instruction (unless it is an emergency, in which                    case, it is the student's responsibility to make sure they receive any information they missed during                     their time out of class);

•          Students MUST sign out using their planner and take the blue vest when going to the restroom.

No-Tolerance Policy

The following are expectations set by all teachers:

At New LA, students should learn in a distraction free classroom.  The following is a list of items that will not be tolerated on campus or in classrooms.


Any toys or hats will be taken and not given back until the end of the school year.

Chewing Gum

If caught chewing gum, you will be given a 5-minute clean-up duty after school.  If offense becomes habitual, more serious consequences will occur, such as parent contact or referral to office.


There will be no eating of any kind in the classroom (unless specified by a teacher).  If caught eating in the classroom, you will be asked to throw all food present in the trash.  If offenses continue, more serious consequences will occur.

Acceptable Use of Technology

Each student must have a completed Internet Safety, Acceptable Use & Chromebook Policy (“Policy”) on file.  Signatures of parents/guardians indicate an agreement to comply with New Los Angeles Charter School’s (“School”) standards and to honor the agreement they have signed.

1.         Only use a Chromebook when instructed to use it.

2.         Know your goal/objective when using the Chromebook.

3.         Lower the lid when the teacher/presenter is talking.

4.         Only use as instructed.

5.         Never leave your device unattended.

6.         Take care of your Chromebook:

7.         Make sure your hands are clean before using a Chromebook.

8.         Always have a clean/clear desktop.

9.         Water bottles must stay on the floor.

10.       No food or drinks (besides water) allowed in the classroom.

11.       Transition responsibly with your Chromebook:

12.       ALWAYS carry the Chromebook with TWO hands.

13.       When carrying a Chromebook, WALK to and from the cart.

14.       Chromebooks must be kept flat on your own desk at all times once taken out.

15.       Do not crowd around Chromebook carts – wait for your turn.

16.       Plug in your Chromebook when you return it to the cart.


1st offense: verbal warning

2nd offense: in-class time out

3rd offense: out of class time out (buddy room)

4th offense: office referral